Hello, my name is Enrique Bonifacino and I am delighted to share with you my love for music. In this section, I am going to tell you about my background as a musician and piano teacher.

I can’t imagine my life without music! Throughout my life music has played a fundamental role, both professionally and personally. It is my vocation. I think that I took it from my mother who loved to sing and play accordion and guitar. I took my first music lessons at an early age, but it was after finishing secondary school that I chose music as a career. I attended the School of Music at the State University in Uruguay where I obtained my degree in piano performance. When I was near graduation I was employed as a piano teacher within the school. After obtaining my degree I continued working in that position for 9 years. During my time at university I not only enriched my knowledge about piano performance and teaching, it consolidated my previous experiences and gave me the motivation to expand my musical career and explore new possibilities. Then I made a decision that transformed my life: despite the misgivings of my family in South America, I moved to London in 2010 and have made it my home. Since then it has opened up many new horizons on my musical journey. These include exposing me to a vibrant and diverse culture, becoming an independent piano tutor and arranging and recording my first solo album. With this as a foundation I have started to write ideas for a book on my piano philosophy which includes what makes us a musician and how to realise our musical potential.

My heartfelt belief is that we learn more effectively when we enjoy what we do. During my lessons I use various styles of teaching to obtain the best from my pupils. My purpose is to make the learning experience interesting and fun. I also understand that every person has different talents and needs, so I encourage and praise their individuality. I communicate effectively with children and adults alike and I adapt my teaching strategies to the requirements of the pupil. For me making music and teaching are inseparable. My philosophy is that both teacher and pupils learn from each other and in this way music enriches us all.

This is what this website is about; to share experiences, exchange ideas and above all… express our Piano Passion.